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About Us

Laser engraved gift for mom slate

Shown: Slate engraving

You want distinctive gifts for the special people in your life—and for yourself! We are here to help you with that. You might already know exactly what you want engraved and have a clear picture in your mind of the final design. Or, you might be open to suggestions. In either case, we have amazing solutions for you. 

Our Founder, Chuck Farris, enjoys creating memories for his clients. His primary goal is to produce customized keepsakes for you to enjoy and share. His enthusiasm for the trade is obvious, and he enjoys the creative work as much as the appeal of the final product. Variety is the spice life, and that is abundantly clear in his client- focused business. You have lots of choices—from products and materials to colors and fonts.

Chuck and his team are serving you with expert guidance and precision engraving from their workshop in Omaha, Nebraska. And they will soon have a storefront available for those of you who would like to stop by. 

All engraved items are professionally designed and crafted, carefully packaged and shipped UPS from Nebraska to your location in the continental U.S.

Make life beautiful, appealing and personal. 

Email us at info@cccustoms.us with details of your upcoming event, occasion or special requests. Or, fill out our Contact Us form and we’ll get back to you. Under the leadership of Chuck Farris, we are creative artisans who love all the ways engraving makes you the hero or heroine. 

PS—we’d also love to feature your engraved treasure on our website, Facebook and Instagram, with your permission.